The Beauty of Yoga

by Amanda on September 5, 2012

Camel Yoga Pose, CC uplaod by Odysseyfx


The world is endlessly fascinated with yoga. Over thousands of years, countless scholars and spiritual seekers have attempted to define yoga. While these definitions differ widely in some ways, they all share one thing in common: the belief that yoga is always more than an exercise, a series of stretches, a 90-minute class, a sequence of poses, a philosophy, a lifestyle, or a religion.  The beauty of yoga is that it can be all, none, or some of these things for each practitioner.

The beauty of yoga is that it is 100% inclusive of anybody who steps forward with a willing and open heart. No expensive equipment, no minimum physical fitness, no restrictions on geography, no previous experience necessary. The only requirement in yoga is to simply show up. Wherever you are with your physical body, no matter how tattered you feel inside, just come to the mat and simply practice.

Yoga will meet you wherever you are.

The beauty of yoga is that it encourages you to turn inward as you listen to your own body, finding that perfect sweet spot in a challenging pose. It gently reminds you to set your intention as you embark upon your journey, and to continually return to mindfulness. Yoga beckons you to explore its enduring philosophy and apply this timeless wisdom to the modern world.

Yoga, as outlined by the ancient sutras, has little to do with poses and everything to do with self-awarenessself-improvement, and self-study.  Practicing yoga invites us to show kindness & grace to ourselves, to be flexible with our minds and bodies, and to be more fully present in our lives on and off the mat.


Here at Grow Soul Beautiful, we are passionate about the power of yoga to transform not just physical bodies, but entire lives. A rich, nurturing yoga practice can heal the wounded spirit and calm the racing mind.  We use yoga not only as a tool to spotlight the awesome power and grace of the human body, but also as a path toward holistic health–body, mind, and soul.

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