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by Guest on September 24, 2012

It all started with memories. I learned to use a camera because I wanted to capture memories, of where I had been and with whom I had shared my life.  For a long while, it seemed I was afraid I wouldn’t remember life without having a photograph to remind me.

As I learned more about photography, my goal transitioned to the moment.  It was the triumphant feeling of capturing a fleeting moment of an expression or of light, which drew me to bring the camera to my eye. I no longer needed to capture every memory, but watched for the right moments.

Over time, my motivations shifted again; shifted deeper.  One day, I noticed I was no longer capturing images to remember or to freeze time, but to feel. I had discovered photography as a form of self-expression. I was learning more about myself through my images. I was expressing my true self in photographs, in a deep and soul-satisfying way.

Photography brought me from memories… to moments… to me.

Photography has become meditation, expression and revelation for me.  It’s a way to express my feelings — heart and soul. It’s a way to process what’s going on around me. It’s a way to be in the moment and observe at a deeper level. It’s a way to discover new things about myself.

You can find the same heart-and-soul connection in your photography, too. I’ve looked back at my creative journey and found some significant steps that propelled me along the way. I share them in the Find Your Eye ecourse series, providing a blueprint for a stronger heart connection through photography.

You learn to follow what inspires you and discover the threads of soul that already weave through what you create. When you do this, you begin to discover not only your unique photographic style, but how it represents who you are. You gain confidence. You are empowered to express yourself. To be yourself.

Our best photographs come when our heart, eye and mind are aligned.  

Won’t you join me to explore that connection, for yourself?

Kat Eye Studio Photography

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1 space in the fall Find Your Eye: Journey of Recognition E-Course Series running October/November. This includes the 2-week intro course Starting the Journey from October 14 – 27 and then the 4-week Journey of Recognition course from November 4 – 30, 2012. Course includes journaling prompts and photography exercises, a discussion group for the class participants from around the world, and lots of instructor interaction.

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