CopyCat Yoga Instructional Mat + GIVEAWAY

by Taylor on June 20, 2013

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Sarah is the owner of CopyCat Yoga. When practicing yoga regularly, it had become such an important part of her life – yet she still found herself getting confused with the angles of her feet, the distance between her feet, and if she should use her right or left hand during certain poses. It’s especially hard with the standing poses because when you make a mistake, everybody sees you! It is embarrassing when the whole class is facing left but you went right.

To solve her problem, she made her very own custom yoga mat! This way, she was able to learn these standing poses with ease. It allows her to focus on her breath, instead of worrying about where her hands and feet were. It’s such an empowering feeling when you can be confident in the pose you are doing to the best of your ability and that they are correctly done – she was able to do yoga on a whole new level.

Sarah CopyCat Yoga Mat Promo BannerSarah saw other people in class struggling with the same thing she was. They looked confused trying to follow and keep up when the instructor called out each pose. She’s even watched people give up and leave class because they were so lost. It made her feel disappointed to watch because yoga is such an incredible part of her own life. The idea of somebody missing out on yoga because ti was too hard is saddening. She wanted to do something about it.

So – she made this mat. And encourages others to do yoga for 9 minutes.

Sarah CopyCat Yoga Mat

9 minutes: 9 poses

9 minutes is not a lot of time, but over a week it adds up to over an hour. I think everybody can find 9 minutes in their day to stretch and strengthen their bodies. Sarah chose 9 common standing poses. Some take a lot of strength and balance, but you can modify every pose and work your way up!

To learn more about Sarah’s Instructional Yoga Mat and to order one for yourself, go hereYou can also follow CopyCat Yoga on Facebook.

Sarah has also gifted one to us to give away to one lucky Grow Soul Beautiful reader! * NOTE: Please be honest! We verify every entry and if we cannot confirm that you did one of these tasks, you will NOT win this giveaway and will be disqualified.

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